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Program Components

A multidisciplinary approach is the cornerstone of The Medical Center Surgical Weight Loss Program. It gives patients the best opportunity for success. 

Arming patients with the tools they need to achieve a healthy weight for life begins with an initial appointment that includes history and physical examination, psychological evaluation and nutritional evaluation. Surgical options are reviewed, and requirements for exercise and lifestyle changes to improve overall health before surgery are discussed. 

Nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian helps patients understand how their current diet and eating habits have affected their health. Education is provided on how their diet will need to change before and after the surgery in relation to nutrition and supplements. 

Weight loss surgery is more than just a physical change to the body. Psychological changes must take place to address the emotional and behavioral aspects as a patient makes this life-changing journey. Consultations with qualified personnel play an integral role in the program.

Before and after surgery, support group meetings are available at The Medical Center Health & Wellness Center to connect patients with others who share in the same weight loss journey. These meetings offer a chance to celebrate successes, discuss challenges and learn from others.

If you are interested in having surgical weight loss, print and complete our Patient Intake Packet and return it to our office at:

The Medical Center Surgical Weight Loss Program
Riverside Professional Center
825 2nd Avenue East, Suite A4
Bowling Green, KY  42101