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During your hospital stay, having a physician available to you 24 hours a day is very comforting. At The Medical Center, our Hospitalists are able to quickly respond to your needs and effectively manage all aspects of your care.

What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is an Internal Medicine physician who is solely dedicated to caring for patients during their stay in a hospital. The Medical Center's program is a voluntary program whereby your physician may elect to have Hospitalists care for you during a hospital stay.

How can a Hospitalist benefit me and my doctor?

Having a Hospitalist is similar to having a primary care physician with you in the hospital throughout your stay. Hospitalists at The Medical Center are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing ongoing and immediate care. Your Hospitalist is also readily available to answer questions and address concerns from you or your family. Your Hospitalist will assist you through a smooth and speedy recovery process by following up on tests and adjusting your treatment regimen throughout the day.

Hospitalists also provide many benefits to your primary care physician. Your doctor does not have to interrupt scheduled office appointments in order to make trips to the hospital to coordinate your care. Because of the increased availability of our Hospitalists, they can quickly attend to your needs or to the requests of your primary care physician.

How does the Hospitalist know about me?

Your Hospitalist will spend extra time learning about you. At the time of your admission, he or she will obtain necessary records from your primary care physician to learn as much information about your medical history as possible. The Hospitalist will review any past medical records that you may have at the hospital and will gather information from you and your family. Your Hospitalist will use all this information to help provide you the best possible medical care.

When will I see my primary care physician?

You will be asked to see your primary care physician soon after discharge from the hospital. At the time of discharge, your Hospitalist will update your primary care physician on your care in the hospital, provide you with prescriptions if needed, and send your hospital information to your primary care physician's office.

What if I do not have a primary care physician?

At the time of discharge, the Hospitalist will refer you to a primary care physician and provide him or her with your hospital information. As ongoing medical care is necessary to keep you healthy, it is important that you establish a relationship and follow-up with a primary care physician.