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Less Is More with Low-dose CT Scans

New CT scanners installed at Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging and The Medical Center Emergency Department can now produce high-quality images using less radiation. The Optima CT660 with ASir technology from GE Healthcare allows for fast, high quality acquisition of images for diagnostic radiologists to make accurate diagnoses at optimized dose for patients. The Medical Center is the only facility in the region to invest in the new low dose software.

“Using state-of-the-art science, we’re able to minimize and custom-tailor radiation exposure based on what portion of the body we’re imaging, patient size, patient age, and the needs of the study,” said Eric Edds, M.D., diagnostic radiologist with The Medical Center. “The Medical Center is taking the steps to be on the forefront of minimizing radiation to our patients, which in the end minimizes any potential risk while obtaining the best images possible.”

CT scans can be used for a variety of procedures including cardiac, angiography, brain, chest, abdomen and orthopaedic. Minimizing patient exposure to radiation is of primary importance, particularly for cancer patients who require multiple follow-up scans to evaluate response to cancer treatment.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call WKDI at (270) 746-9500. low dose CT scanner