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Volunteer Services

Volunteers at The Medical Center play a vital role in enhancing the quality of care given at our hospital. They brighten the day and provide companionship for our patients and their family members. And they provide invaluable staff support services.

Identified by their blue smocks, volunteers are adult men and women of all ages and backgrounds. (A special volunteer summer program in June and July is available for teenagers age 14 to 17.) They contribute their time on either a regular or occasional basis; schedules are set to meet the needs of the volunteers and The Medical Center. Most volunteers donate a half day once a week.

The basic qualifications necessary to be a volunteer are a caring attitude and an interest in helping others, dependability, a commitment to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our patients and the ability to give a minimum 100-hour time committment within a year. Additionally, formal requirements and training are required.

The rewards for volunteering are numerous: personal growth; opportunity to learn new skills, develop new interests and make new friends; and satisfaction that comes with helping others. Volunteers are recognized for the hours they serve and the contributions they make through an appreciation luncheon and other events.

Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at The Medical Center? Call (270) 745-1579 or complete and mail the volunteer application.